Urban homestead Buturlina-Golokhvastov

  • Maslovo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Center, Basmanov district, st. Salsola, d. 3. 
  • Urban homestead Buturlіna-Golohvastov street Salsola, 3, consists of three located at a short distance from each other buildings. In the middle of the XVIII century on the bag of the earth began to buy "higher nobility" - Volkonskie, Naryshkin, Buturlin and many others. Manor Buturlіna became known by the fact that over a quarter century, there are several rooms provided for the English card company, which until then was located in one of the institutions Küsel Conrad, who was at the New St. Isaac street. 
    After some time, the estate passed to the nobles Khlopov later became the property of the family Khitrova, and then - Golohvastov. At the end of the XIX century the estate was bought by the Russian insurance company "Life", which is arranged in a building profitable possession. 
    In 1893, the city manor Buturlіna-Golohvastov was rebuilt in collaboration with architect square canvas. Kondratenko. Currently, these buildings of the former estate is a valuable cultural heritage.
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