Graffiti on Emerald Street

  • Lenino, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Babushkinskiy area Losinoostrovsky District, Emerald Street 
    Emerald Street in Moscow surprises everyone who first saw her bright colored graffiti. This project was implemented by Russian Dutch, Icelandic, Brazilian, American artists. Although graffiti done so for several years, they are perfectly enliven dull urban landscape Losinoostrovsky and Babushkinsky areas of the city of Moscow, where the street Emerald.

    Artists have painted an entire block of old brick five-story buildings, which were built in the early sixties of the XX century. Only Russian artists in a team of 310 people. Now the area houses quarter, fully painted the first to fifth floor, not just pleasing to the eye a riot of colors, but also makes stop and be happy to consider unusual graffiti.
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