Guam Gorge

  • Guamka, Russia
  • Located between the villages and Mezmay Guamka Absheron district
    Guam Gorge - River Gorge Kurdzhips, located on the northern edge of the plateau and Lagonaki are some gates of the mountain area. The length of the gorge corresponds to the sum of 3 kilometers and a depth - 400 meters; places the gorge narrows to 2 meters.  

    Despite the fact that the high cliffs, completely covered with moss and samshytam, practically impermeable to the gorge the sun, it does not deprive this corner of originality, entertainment and sophistication. Air filled with aromas of herbs and flowers, a beneficial effect on development of positive thinking, and graceful landscape paintings, flitting freely huge eagles and play deer, bears, martens breathtaking. The very enormity of this gorge deserves admiration.

    Little historical reference: in 1717 there adygі defeated a large group of Turkish invaders, and September 12, 1942 a group of partisans of the Absheron unit destroyed more than 50 Nazis.

    Now gorge declared a natural monument and put under protection Apsharonsk timber industry.

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