Guam Gorge

  • Mezmaj, Russia
  • Gorge in the upper reaches Kurdzhips located in the Western Caucasus in the Absheron district of Krasnodar region 
    Guam Gorge - a beautiful natural monument, a broken line the narrow gorge stretches for three kilometers between the villages and Mezmay Guamka. The walls of the gorge rise to chetirehsotmetrovuyu height to the bottom of the Grand Canyon runs raging river Kurdzhips.

    Throughout its history, the valley more than once witnessed fierce battles. The very name of the Guam one of the versions derived from the name of the young commander of the Adygea, defeated here in 1717 the Turkish army. Luring the enemy into the gorge, Adygeys caused landslide, which blocked the exit, and then with the high walls of the gorge arrows and stones massacred by the Turks.

    In the gorge laid railway narrow-gauge railway. Now carry tourists on it. The train of three cars sent from the village at the Lodge Mezmay astronauts - a small cafe in the middle of the gorge. The rails are laid on a narrow embossed into the rock site - On the one hand towering walls of the gorge, on the other beneath the cliff Kurdzhips noise. The second half of the gorge can be explored on foot.

    Bizarre forms of giant rocks that escape from a great height waterfalls, unusual variety of vegetation, decorating stone walls of the gorge - it's all worth it to see with my own eyes.
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