• vodopadnaya, Russia
  • East Ridge, Plateau alder, Kamchatka region 
    Khodutka is a classic layered volcano in the form of a cone-shaped mound with a crater at the top. Hill consists of a variety of rocks. More common basalts and andesites. In addition, the slope of a hill covered with frozen streams lava, which has more than one hundred years, the ashes and volcanic dust.

    With regard to the crater Khodutka, it's great destroyed. This is the result of frequent explosions of the volcano. Cavity is filled to the brim with glaciers and snowfields. In the northern side of the depression torn a huge gap, which is a potential threat to Kamchatka. From it at any time can pour a stream of hot lava. And this despite the fact that the volcano last erupted more than 2,000 years ago.

    Close to Khodutka are two more dangerous volcano - Piratkovsky and Priymak.
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