• Yurevo, Russia
  • North-west of Moscow, between the Leningrad prospectus, cross-country street and highway Horoshёvskim. 
    Khodynka Field - the historic town located in Moscow, in the north-west from the center of the Russian capital. In the old days at Khodynka occurred many important historical events, memorable yet.

    Khodynskoe field course since the 14th century. For a long time this wide meadow on the outskirts of Moscow remained undeveloped and used mainly for mass folk festivals or of other celebrations. In the 17th century at Khodynka battle took place between Basil Shuya and army troops False Dmitry II. Also, it is noted here coronation of Russian tsars and emperors.

    More Khodynka Field famous tragic events of May 1896, when, during the celebration of the coronation of Nicholas II in the meadow held a grand stampede that claimed the lives of more than a thousand people.

    This tragedy has largely influenced the further destiny Khodynskoe field - it had remained undeveloped for many years. Even today, most of its area is a void.
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