Temple of Apollo Soziana

  • saint angelo, Italy
  • Via del Foro Piscario, 32
    00186 Roma, Italy
  • Temple of Apollo Soziana, formerly known as Apollinaris, and the Temple of Apollo the physician, is a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo in the Champ de Mars beside the de Marseille and Galleries Aktavіі. Real name of the temple came from his last re-enactors Guy Soziya. 

    Major reconstruction of the temple was inclined at 34 BC Guy Sozy. Reconstruction work was soon interrupted by the civil war between the octave and Anthony (Anthony Sozy took the side), and continued only after a few years, when reconciled August with Sozy. During the construction of the Theatre Marcela front stairs of the temple was destroyed and replaced by two staircases on each side "pronaos"

    Ruins of a temple in the Roman period were occupied by medieval houses until 1930. Then, from 1926 to 1932, houses were demolished to make way near the theater Marcela. In 1937 and 1938 he was elevated to the pedestal destroyed under columns, and in 1940 destroyed three columns have been restored on the podium, although perhaps not in their original location.
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