Cathedral of Christ the Savior

  • Moscow, Russia
  • st. Boston, 15, Moscow, 119019 
  • +7 (495) 203-38-23 
    Christ the Savior Cathedral - Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. The existing structure, built in 1990, restored the exterior of the eponymous temple, built in the XIX century.

    The temple plight. Original it was erected in 1839-1883 gg by decree of Emperor Alexander I for the salvation of Russia in the war with Napoleon in 1812. The temple was built by the architect K. Ton. December 5, 1931 the building was destroyed by the Communists. In its place were to build the Palace of Soviets, but its construction was not completed after the war. In 1960, the site was open swimming pool "Moscow", which lasted until 1994. Restoration of the temple was started in 1994 Project restorer Denisov, and completed in 1997 by Zurab Tsereteli.

    The majestic snow-white building with golden domes of the Temple, built in the tradition of Russian-Byzantine style, striking in its beauty. It is the largest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church.
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