Temple of Saturn

  • Roma, Italy
  • Tempio di Saturno,
    Roman Forums, Roma, Lazio, Italy
    The ancient Romans generally very often built all sorts of facilities in honor of the gods, who in gratitude to defend the city from the wars and other disasters. It is not surprising that after such an important victory city authorities decided to pay tribute to Saturn to it and retain for future disasters from Rome.

    From the temple, built in the form of psevdoperiptera, waste two podiums, separated by stairs, while they were decorated with impressive dimensions of the column in the Ionian style. Inside the temple if the city treasury was kept together with accompanying papers the profit and loss account. There is also a statue of the god of agriculture and horticulture Saturn, which during the festive procession solemnly carried through the streets of Rome. For example, on December 17 about Temple staged a large-scale celebration of Saturnalia. K Unfortunately, during its existence Tempio di Saturno survived several fires, and even in spite of the restoration work, to have survived only a podium with a colonnade.
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