Temple of the Holy Prince Michael of Chernigov

  • Aderbievka (admin. territoriya g. Gelendzhika), Russia
  • Gelendzhik, st. Landing, 9
  • + (86141) 2-39-88 
    Temple of the Holy Prince Michael of Chernigov - a temple built in 1913 in neo-Russian style by architect Pokrovsky on the donations of citizens. Rector of the church - the father of Barnabas.

    After the October Revolution of 1917, the Orthodox Church was persecuted as a result of the Party's policy. It was closed and transferred to the Office of the local authorities, which reclassified the house of God in the club.

    In 1995, a dilapidated monastery was transferred to the court of Chernigov monastery of the Holy Trinity-St. Inside the treatment has been performed and installed iconostasis. As a result of restoration work, the building has lost its original architectural solution facades, but it is certainly not reflected in the power and sanctity of the place. The church regularly hosts service.

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