Temple of the Holy Martyr Varus in Landmarks

  • Novogorsk, Russia
  • Khimki, Mashkinskoe highway, p. 1 
  • +7 926-526-01-47 
    June 18, 2006, His Eminence Gregory, Archbishop Mozhajskij concelebrated by clergy Mytsіshchanskaga dabrachynnya veshkinsky hallowed temple in honor of the Holy Martyr Varus. People come here not only veshkintsy, but residents of the neighboring village of Upland.

    At present, the white stone church pleases the eye elegance of architecture, painting over the temple, made in the style of the works of famous Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov, built the house of the clergy. The temple was designed by Workshop Izhikova. Excellent Iconostasis, which is a real work of art, designed by the studio "Palekh Iconostasis". The painting in temple and writing icons for the iconostasis were made by artists colorfully Alfreynye workshop "Sphere".

    Temple successfully combines traditional Russian church architecture and painting with the technological advances of the XXI century and is an example of the construction of new churches. The services are held on Sundays and public holidays, and is accompanied by singing professional choir. Rector - priest Demetrius Biryuk.
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