Church of the Holy Rosary (Vladimir)

  • vladimir, Russia
  • st. Gogol, 12
    Vladimir, Vladimir region, Russian Federation 22 m SW

    This is a Catholic church, which is actively engaged in social work. At the temple there is a bookstore with religious literature.

    The full name of the church Holy Rosary - The Temple of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was founded in 1891. At the beginning of the XX century the number of believers who attend church, was no more than 1000 In 1930, the church was closed. Its bell tower has long been used as a Radio repeater. In the 70s there marked out the exhibition hall. And only in the 90's temple was returned to the Catholic community and began to function as a church.

    The walls and ceilings of the temple is made in the pseudo-Gothic style, created from a red brick. Above the main entrance stands a large spire. Along with the house of the priest temple is a single ensemble.
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