Temple of Vesta

  • Campitelli, Italy
  • Via in Miranda, 5,
    00186 Roma, Italy
  • Temple of Vesta in Rome has long been one of the most important and respected facilities in the city. The temple was built in honor of the goddess Vesta - patroness of the hearth. Inside the temple, constantly burning fire, which embodied the immortality of Rome and was considered sacred to every resident of the city.

    Supported the holy flame six priestesses Vestals who came from a very noble families. Young priestess lived in a separate house next to the temple and were an ascetic life, keeping a vow of celibacy for over thirty years. After the expiration of the service of the Temple vyastalkі became one of the wealthiest residents of Rome and could acquire family. Each year, the Romans came to the Temple on July 9 to ask for blessings and protection for Rome and its hearths in the goddess Vesta.

    Circular building the temple of Vesta is in the form Tolosa. It is surrounded by twenty columns, the top of which managed to turn black from the flames of the sacred fire. In 394, Emperor Theodosius ordered the closure of the Temple, after which he badly decayed, but still remained to the present day.
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