All Saints Church in All Saints

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Sokol district, Leningrad Prospect, 73. 
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    All Saints Church in All Saints - All Saints Orthodox church is dabrachynnya Moscow diocese, which is located in Moscow, near Sokola.On was built in 1733-1736, respectively, in the village of Usіhsvyatskay and on the initiative of Imereti princess Daria Archilovny.

    The temple was built in the early Baroque architecture of the house and can be attributed to the most well-known type - "vasmerykom on chatsveryku." By chatsveryku joins refectory, bell tower, semicircular apsіda. The summary of the temple are more false-Dormer window. Bell tower of the Cathedral of All Saints has three tiers and kept entirely in the XVIII century, in the style of Moscow architecture. From inside the temple is covered with murals, and the largest and most picturesque in the composition of the church - a "Cathedral of All Saints', which is located above The main iconostasis. Choirs are located above the entrance to the refectory in the western part. On the walls of the Temple, there are several plaques dedicated to holiday here priests and members of princely families.

    From 1939 until 1946 the Temple has not acted and was closed, but in 1992 received the status of the patriarchal Church monastery. In 2000 took place in the Temple and the restoration work have distorted the historical appearance of the building of the Temple. All Saints Church in All Saints is considered the cultural object heritage of federal importance.
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