Holy Trinity Church in Horoshёve

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Karamyshevskaya embankment, 15. 
    Parish church of the Holy Trinity in Khoroshevo refers to the Moscow Patriarchate. Initiated the construction of the church is Boris Godunov in 1598 issued a decree to build in his domain - the village Khoroshevo building for worship. For sample was ordered take a small cathedral of the Donskoi Monastery. The complex of buildings was supplemented by part of the refectory and bell tower in the XIX century.

    Temple under the central and side domes are decorated with magnificent kakoshnіkamі, facade and apse decorated very modestly, with cornices built stupenіstymі tiers and apse decorated with pilasters. Windows were originally very narrow, later in the XVII century, they have significantly increased.
    In August 1939, Holy Trinity Church gave the collective farm club, later used as a child health clinic. In the 1990s, the church gave believers, April 30, 1989 at Easter it was held the first service after many years of silence.
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