Ridge Azish Tau

  • Hamyshki, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop. Kamennomostsky area 
    Ridge Azish Tau closes a north-eastern part of the plateau Lago Nakі. Starting at the confluence of the creek Rufabgo in Belaya River, it stretches for twenty-five kilometers to the northwest. The highest point of the ridge, is located in the southern part of the mountain Ashizu. Its height is sixteen hundred meters. The ridge is covered with pine and fir forests, there are also thousands and boxwood. Title spine translated from the Adyghe means "guiding" when it passed along the trade routes. 

    Azish Tau known karst caves, located on the north-western slope. The most famous of these is the Large Ashizskaya length of 625 meters, is richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. Other major caves are named New, Beautiful, Dry.

    In addition to the caves, visitors to Ashizu Tau attracted great views of the plateau Lago Nakі and mountain Adygea, panoramic views from the ridge points. In addition, there is the largest ski resort on the plateau.
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