Imperial Garden

  • ChangQiao, China
  • Bei Chang Jie 41, Xi Cheng Qu, Beijing, China 
  • Imperial Garden, also known as Yuyhuayuan, one of the three gardens in the Forbidden City, the vast palace complex in the world, which is located in Beijing. The garden is one of the most popular places in this architectural complex. The total area of ​​the Imperial Garden of twelve thousand square meters and is situated in the northern part of the Forbidden City, to the north of central Tiananmen Square.

    Garden attracts the attention of visitors a wonderful little pavilions and gazebos, where you can admire the exquisite beauty of nature, a collection of original stones and rock pools. Emperors for many years rested in this garden and spent time writing poetry, as there are often conducted classes with teachers in the open nature.

    Entrance to the garden is decorated with a rear gate Kunninguna, and special attention in the Imperial garden deserve trails of colored mosaic, laid in the form of amazing birds and animals, flowers and unique plants, drawings folklore of the country.
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