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Regola is located on is on central part part of Italy (Provincia di Roma, Regione Lazio), 12 kilometers on south from Regione Lazio. We have found 9 attractions here, some interesting of them: Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, The Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Villa Farnesina, Statue of Giordano Bruno, Palazzo Farnese. You can to look around too. On nothwest (0 kilometers) is Restaurant Il Pagliaccio. On notheast (0 kilometers) is Fountain of the Moor, Piazza Navona (0 km). On east (0 kilometers) is Basilica of Sant'Andrea della Valle. On noth (0 kilometers) is Church of Saint Agnes.

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Statue of Giordano Bruno
Palazzo Farnese
Restaurant "Isole di Sicilia"
Fountain on the Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere
Restaurant "Ti Diro"
Spazio Uno
Restaurant Il Pagliaccio Ponte
Fountain of the Moor Parione
Basilica of Sant'Andrea della Valle Parione
Piazza Navona Parione
Church of Saint Agnes Parione
Fountain of the Four Rivers Parione
Fountain with books in Rome Parione
Restaurant Papa Giovanni Parione
Fountain of Neptune Parione
Chiostro del Bramante Monastery Parione
Castle Sant'Angelo Parione
Restaurant "Capricci Siciliani" Ponte
Restaurant Gelateria del Teatro Ponte
Ladder Michelangelo Ponte
Pantheon San Eustacio
Bridge Garibaldi saint angelo
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