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Trevi is located on is on central part part of Italy (Provincia di Roma, Regione Lazio), 11 kilometers on south from Regione Lazio. We have found 16 attractions here, some interesting of them: Church of St. Virgin Mary della Vittoria, Palazzo Barberini, Restaurant Al Presidente, Piazza Barberini, Basilica of San Vitale. You can to look around too. On nothwest (0 kilometers) is Street Vittorio Veneto. On noth (0 kilometers) is Via Veneto. On west (0 kilometers) is Ресторан La terrazza dell’Eden. On east (1 kilometers) is Building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy, Baths of Diocletian (1 km).

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Piazza Barberini
Basilica of San Vitale
Gran Strega Cafe
Republic Square
Restaurant "Hostaria Romana"
Street four fountains
Teatro dell'Opera
Fountain Naiads
Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli
Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
Church of San Paolo entro le Mura
Church of San Paolo Dentro le Mura
Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Street Vittorio Veneto Via Veneto
Via Veneto Colonna
Ресторан La terrazza dell’Eden Colonna
Building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy Sallustiano
Baths of Diocletian Castro Pretorio
Restaurant "Mirabel" Colonna
Quirinal Hill Pigna
Restaurant Imago Colonna
National Museum of pasta in Rome Pigna
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