Izmailovo Kremlin

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • Izmailovo highway 73zh, Moscow, 105187 
  • +7 (499) 166-50-27 
    Izmailovo Kremlin, built in the pre-Petrine era, will tell you more, not about the history of the royal family, and the history of ordinary people through the prism of crafts.

    In the Kremlin are several craft workshops where visitors can buy products of local craftsmen, or visit the master class on manufacturing. So, you can learn how to make toys, bread oven, paint glass, cooking chocolate, make hats - the list is endless.

    For children and their parents to spend sightseeing tours, festivals and bustling bazaars. Especially memorable event - Mardi Gras. Mountains of pancakes, noisy crowd and, of course, the traditional burning stuffed with songs and dances.

    Here everything has native Russian spirit, which is so fond of both foreigners and Russian.
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