Izmailovo highway

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • Izmailovo w., Moscow, Russia 
    Izmailylovskoe shossenahoditsya in Moscow, in the Eastern Administrative District and passes through the territory of two districts: Izmailovo and Falcon Horus. Formerly called the Izmailovo highway road, and the road led to the village of Izmailovo. It is known that its current name Highway received until 1917. Izmailylovskoe shossenachinaetsya from Bolshaya Semyonov and ends around May Day street.

    By the highway adjacent streets: Izmailovo shaft, street Ibragimov, the exclusive distributor lane street Izmailovskii menagerie Avenue Budennogo, Brick Lane, District travel, weaving street.
    Public transport buses, trolley buses and subway, the movement of vehicles on the highway is carried out in two rows on each side. Located near the highway market "Izmailovo" hotel complex "Izmailovo" highway skirts Izmailovo Park - Recreational residents.
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