Lupa Capitolina

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  • Kapіtalіyskaya wolf - bronze sculpture, which is stored in the Roman Capitoline Museum. It is surrounded with so many mysterious legends, is one of the most famous sculptures of mysterious worldwide. The first mention of this sign and the symbol of Rome appeared in the writings of Pliny, then Cicero wrote about it. But modern scholars argue that the cast bronze sculpture is completely in antiquity could not.

    Determine the exact period of the creation of the sculpture so far no one succeeded, and the legend that it was the totem of the Etruscans, it may well be false. Is considered the most likely version of that sculpture created in the XIII century. Nevertheless, it is so popular, that it copies installed worldwide, Mussolini used the wolf as a symbol of fascism, and in 1960 she appeared on the emblem of the Olympic Games in Rome.

    Figure sculpture is 75 centimeters tall wolf, that is, cast it almost life-size. She vykormlіvae milk legendary founders of the city - Romulus and Rome. Figures in childhood heroes were added to the wolf in the XV century, its author - Antonio del Pollaiuolo.
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