Capitoline Museums

  • Roma, Italy
  • Piazza del Campidoglio, 1, ROMA 00186 
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  • Capitoline Museum is the oldest complex of the city's museums, not only in Rome, but throughout the rest of the world. The founder of this complex is considered to Pope Sixtus IV, in the 15th century passed into the collection of the new museum collection of bronze ancient times, before stored in the walls of the Roman Palace Lateran. Later collection of artifacts has grown through gifts of the clergy and patrons.

    Very impressive collection of sculpture in the palace conservatory. Here you can see a significant collection of statues, dating back to ancient times. The most famous exhibits include "Boy takes out a splinter", an equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (Copy sculpture adorns the square in front of the Palace), "the Roman she-wolf" and the sculptural group "Cupid and Psyche". In the Art Gallery are such famous works as "Romulus and Remus", "Cleopatra and Augustus" and "The Rape of Europa".

    The newest part of the Palazzo Caffarelli, specializes in temporary exhibitions. Here you can drink coffee and enjoy one of the best views of Rome.
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