Karymskaya waterfalls

  • Semyachik, Russia
  • Kamchatka Krai, the Kamchatka Peninsula 
  • Crimean waterfalls formed in place of descent of the river from the high plateau Karymskaya, which appeared at the outpouring of lava of an ancient volcano. This river with lots of rapids and waterfalls - a unique monument of nature, and a large bright attraction Kamchatka. 

    Crimean waterfalls are still poorly understood, so instead of the names, they are numbered with the origin of the eponymous lake. The first waterfall has a height of about 3 meters, the second - about 5. Higher here, as well as throughout the region the third - his height - about 30 meters. This paved trail. The height of the fourth, fifth and sixth ranges from 12 to 20 meters.
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