Kazan hippodrome

  • Kazan, Russia
  • Kazan, ul. Patrice Lumumba, 47 A
  • +7 (843) 279 29 01 
    Kazan equestrian center - one of the largest in Europe and the only complex in Russia at that level. Horse-racing complex "Kazan" appeared in the Tatar capital in 2005 - to the millennium city, but the jumps are carried out since the middle of the XIX century.   

    New racecourse - a grand complex of about 90 hectares and the ability to simultaneously take more than 30 thousand people. The territory is divided into zones: demanstratsyynuyu sports, teaching and training, economic, parks and attractions. Hippodrome field is for horse racing, and for the organization running. Adults and children can take a horse ride in the park or a meal in one of the cafes racecourse.
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