Kazan Monastery in Tambov

  • Tambov, Russia
  • Russia, Tambov, street Gorky, 3. 
    Kazan Monastery, the full name - Kazan Bagarodnіchnym Orthodox Monastery, located in the city of Tambov in the street Maxim Gorky. In the annals of recorded that the chapel was founded in 1670 Elder Joseph.

    By decree of Empress Catherine II in 1779 the monastery was founded Tambov Theological Seminary. Since 1758, since the restoration of the Tambov diocese, the monastery became the residence of the bishop Pakhomov.

    For unknown reasons, in 1764 Kazan monastery was abolished, he began to perform the role of Bishops at home. In 1918 the monastery was finally closed.

    During the communist stagnation in the monastery was Tambov GubChK. In the next building later located Tambov regional branch state archives.

    On August 30, 1960 Kazan monastery as a monument of republican significance was taken under state protection. Since December 1992, the monastery began a capital restoration.
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