Nescafe-IMAX cinema in Moscow

  • Himki, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, metro station "River Station", ul. Right Bank, 1b, TC "Capitol" 
  • +7 (495) 775 77 79 
  • Cinema Nescafe-IMAX - Russia's first cinema technology IMAX, opened in 2003 in Moscow.

    Located near the metro station "River Station" in the entertainment center "kіnasfery" on the third floor of the shopping center "Capitol Leningrad."

    IMAX - this is absolutely unique technology of filmmaking, as well as a new approach to hire and to the notion of cinema.

    The area of ​​the frame of the new technology is several times the area of ​​the frame tape standard format. At this size, the image can be shown on a giant movie screen, while maintaining the ideal resolution, contrast and brightness.

    Screen cinema Nescafe-IMAX-sized seven-storey house. Such other theaters do not. Plus modern cinema projector with excellent image quality.

    This technology, developed by Canadian scientists, designed to show not just the traditional movie on the screen, but also to create for the viewer a sense of presence and immersion in the film.
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