Kkanal River Cna

  • Lvovo, Russia
  • Russia, Tambov 
  • Cna river channel flows in the vicinity of the city of Tambov. At all times, the river was of great importance in industrial and transport. Since ancient times, and the beginning of XX century, the river served as the only route to ferry cargo to the north. 

    Cna river channel was laid in 1814. soldiers of Napoleon's army who were in captivity. Four years later, in 1818, created a channel on Tamboўskіm pool, length reaches 128 meters, and the depth was 17 meters. The purpose of his creation - Defending and clean water for urban consumption. Soon, the channel begins a grand building dams and hydroelectric power plants.

    Since the XIX century, and to this day, the channel of the river Cna is a favorite place for swimming and boating. Pier on the waterfront happily welcomes all comers to make a tour of the river. Along the coast are open various institutions for a comfortable stay.
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