Coffee "Tarte Tatin," on Lyusinovskaya

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • m. Dobryninskaya,
    st. Lyusinovskaya 11/12
  • +7 (495) 251-65-36 
    "Tarte Tatin," on Lyusinovskaya - is an art cafe. The prefix "art" that is due to take place in cafes measures. For example, "weekend with the master" includes a master class and a little further with the sale of some craftsmen hand-made. The cafe often act and musical groups.

    But the main thing - is, of course, excellent cuisine with an emphasis on fresh bread and nice coffee card. Here you can taste rare for Russian institutions catering searches such as tartlet with buyakamі. In this case, the cost of meals is low.

    Also worth noting is unobtrusive design rooms, good location tables and the general atmosphere of coziness. Currently, cafes, unfortunately closed.
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