The bell tower of the Holy Dormition Monastery Knyaginin

  • vaneevka, Russia
  • Vladimir region., Vladimir, the Princess Street. 37a 
  • The bell tower of the Holy Dormition Princess Convent was built in the second half of the 40's - early 50-ies of the XVII century in the south-west corner of the Cathedral of the Assumption. This stone belfry was erected at the expense of the Patriarch Joseph.

    In the second half of the XVIII century it was located 3 large Blagovestnov bell and rang 6. In 1792 was demolished the upper tier of the bell tower, and in 1796 a new tower was constructed above the entrance gate of the monastery. It in 1900 were 9 bells. In the XIX century porch on the south side has been expanded to the tent, which was a lower tier of the bell tower. The bell tower was demolished in 1932.

    Currently, the monastery is arranged temporary tower, which is a wooden tower topped with a cross, which houses the bells of different sizes.
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