Column of Trajan

  • Pigna, Italy
  • Piazza Foro Traiano
    00187 Roma, Italy
  • Column of Trajan, located at the Forum of Trajan in Rome, was designed by the architect Apalador Damascus in 113 in honor of the victories of Trajan over dakamі.

    The column height of 38 meters and a diameter of 4 meters is a construction of 20 blocks of marble kararskaga. Inside the tower is a spiral staircase with 185 steps leading to the site on capitals. Column weighs about 40 tons. Its trunk is 23 times spiral envelops the tape length of 190 meters with reliefs depicting scenes of war Rome and Dacia. First, the monument was crowned eagle, later the statue of Trajan, and in 1588 Pope Sixtus V set her statue of the Apostle Peter, which is still located on it. 

    On the reliefs depict mostly the Roman army steps: construction of fortifications, movement, crossing rivers, battle. A total of column 2500 figures.

    At the base of the column stands the door that leads to the room where placed a golden urn with the ashes of Trajan and his wife Pompeii Dams.
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