Kola bridge

  • Kildinstroj, Russia
  • st. Coastal, Murmansk, Murmansk Region 183038, Russian Federation 
    Kola bridge or bridge across the Kola Bay - a four-lane road bridge with a total length of about 2.5 kilometers. Built in 2005, over the next four years Kola bridge was the record for duration among bridges Arctic. Today it is one of the longest bridges in Russia.

    In addition to its superior technical performance, Kola bridge is a major transportation hub, not only in Murmansk, but also the entire region. This is the most significant transport facility, which connects the city to the western regions of Murmansk area, as well as with its closest neighbors - Finland and Norway.

    Kola bridge - the bridge is not only in the literal sense of the word, it is also a platform on which there are very vivid, memorable sporting event - the main sporting event called "Murmansk mile". Every year there is a festival of sport, which is very popular with the love and Murmansk and guests. Competitions are held in various sports - indoor soccer, beach volleyball, sailing regatta, swim across the bay, athletics mileage, model aircraft sports, performances paratroopers, and more.
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