Komsomolskaya Square three stations

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • Komsomolskaya pl., Moscow 
    Komsomolskaya Square (or the area of ​​three stations: Leningrad, Kazan and Yaroslavl) is one of the most famous squares of Moscow. Near the railway station is located vakzalamі "Kalanchevskaya." By 1933, the area was known as Kalanchevskaya since before the place was a field with a bell tower, built by King.

    Its current name area was in 1933 in honor of the Komsomol, who built the first line of the Moscow metro as a gift to the 15th anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (YCL). Between Yaroslavl and Leningrad vakzalamі was built pavilion station "Komsomolskaya", which was later replaced by a new pavilion, which combines the old and the new station "Komsomolsk-ring."

    Completes the ensemble of the square hotel "Leningradskaya", built in Soviet times.
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