Stables "Forest" on Losiny Island

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • Open Rd., 19, Elk Island, Eastern Administrative District of Moscow 
    Stables "Forest" in the suburbs - a well-known equestrian club, which is located on the island of leggings. Here you can ride on horseback. Animal may be rented as a few hours or a few days. Stables is located behind the city, close to the forest. Nearby is a small river. The total area of ​​the stables of a few hectares.

    Novice riders can take advantage of the services of an instructor here. He will tell them the basic rules of riding and help avoid falls and injuries. Widely popular stables uses local photographers. They organize their own here photo shoot in noble costumes and riding a sleigh. On the territory of the stables is located a few guest houses. If desired, tourists can rent them for a few hours or days. Near the stables located to public transport.
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