Red Theatre

  • Beijing, China
  • No.44, Xing Fu Da Jie, Chongwen District, Beijing 
  • +86 135 5252 7373 
    Red Theater located in the historic district of Beijing, capital of China. The theater is located in a building that is an architectural monument, its walls decorated in red, and at nightfall they are beautifully illuminated lanterns. Feature Red Theatre that does not appear on stage actors, and the monks of the monastery Shaalіn. All of the views here are in the style of acrobatic performances with elements of kung fu. Perform party tricks performances without insurance, and this really captures spirit.

    Theatrical performances are conducted in Chinese, but for tourists on the screen are subtitled in English. The brochure, which give each viewer before serving, there is a legend that shows up on the scene, in Russian. Shooting on camera or camcorder during a speech banned, but after completion of the program can be photographed with the actors, the monks - the heroes of the play. Theatre performances in Red are held daily and are very popular among Beijing residents and visitors.
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