Fortress "Meotians"

  • Severo-vostochnye Sady, Russia
  • Republic of Adygea, Maykop 
    Fortress "Meotians" is located in the city of Maikop, near the canyon "Khadzhokhsky Gorge." This stylized stone castle is located in a picturesque location overlooking the ridge Unakoz, White River Valley and Lake Red, which in its turn, is conveniently located at the bottom of the pit.

    During the summer, the fortress "Meotians" - a real open-air theater on whose territory includes musical shows and amazing performances, various exhibitions. Also, visitors can enjoy the fortress mountain herbal tea, enjoy this Caucasian shashlik, buy souvenirs and even learn how to shoot a crossbow.

    Fortress "Meotians" located on the territory of hotel and entertainment complex "Khadzhokh County," which includes many unique tourist attractions.
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