Crimean Bridge

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Frunze Embankment, 2/1, Moscow, Russia, 101000 
    Three-span automobile and pedestrian suspension bridge over the Moscow River on the Garden Ring road is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in Moscow.

    The bridge was built in 1936-1938 years. By engineer Konstantinov and architect AV Vlasova.Ofitsialnoe opening of the bridge took place May 1, 1938 It got its name from the ancient Crimean ford, through which crossed the Crimean Tatars during their raids Moscow.

    Crimean bridge - one of the largest chain bridge in Europe. Unlike other Moscow bridges composed of stone, it is made of steel. The span of the bridge with chains attached to the huge steel columns height of almost 29 meters. The length of each chain 297 meters. Ground part of the span of the bridge lined with granite. For the descent from the sidewalks along the walls of the bridge approaches arranged stairs.

    If you look from the bridge to the south, you will see the embankment Frunze, Central Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky (Gorky Park) and the adjacent embankment Pushkin; when viewed from the bridge towards the center - Prechistenskaya quay, a monument to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Fleet (a monument to Peter I) Zurab Tsereteli on the arrow of the Moscow River and drainage ditches, Central House of Artists (CHA) on the Crimean Val and Crimean waterfront
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