Kurgan Oshad

  • Gaverdovskij, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop city, street intersection Piedmont and barrows 
    Kurgan horse - an important archaeological site dating to the Bronze Age. Mound was located on the eastern outskirts of Maikop, on the intersection of contemporary street barrows and Piedmont, it was a mound of earth height of about eleven meters. In 1897, Professor Veselovsky discovered during excavations in the ancient burial mound of a king or chief of the tribe.

    Approximate age burial - four thousand years. In a round burial pit rested three people, likely the king and his two servants. The bodies of all three were covered with red paint, which suggests that these ancient peoples worshiped the sun as a god. The tomb of the king found a lot of gold jewelry, which belongs to the Maikop animal style. Today, they are all stored in the St. Petersburg Hermitage.

    In 1972, on the site where once stood the mound, was a memorial monument by sculptor Shikoyan. It is white with Stella grafіchnastsyu image found in the mound of objects.
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