Ansen quarter-kluatr

  • Paris, France
  • Rue du Cloitre-Notre-Dame, Paris, France 
  • Quarter-Ansen cloister, located near the famous Notre Dame, is an amazing maze of the winding medieval streets with buildings of the XV century. Tourists rarely pay attention to it even though the story is a district full of events and passions tragedies. Over the years, many famous writers and thinkers have called this their home district.

    In the Middle Ages in the area Ansen cloister-lived young people who were trained in the seminary, which was in force at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Among them was a young Peter Abelard, later became famous as a philosopher, and author of the famous heretic love poems. He was in love with the niece of one of the servants of the cathedral, and their love story ended in tragedy - the lovers were separated, and Abelard went to the monastery. Saved poetic letters full of passion for many decades inspired romantics. Lovers buried together at the famous Père Lashez, which is now going to their supporters and relatives at home Alaіzy a memorial plaque. As you can see, quarter-Ansen cloister could spin cycle in love ...
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