Quarter Nikolaiviertel

  • Nikolaiviertel, Germany
  • Propststrase 3-4, Berlin, Germany 
    Nikolaiviertel is a historic district of Mitte district of Berlin, which is bordered by the River Spree in the east. History quarter begins with the Middle Ages, when the church was built of St. Nicholas in the late-style. On the 700th anniversary of the quarter local authorities came to the decision to rebuild all of the old house. Nikolaiviertel is famous for its many attractions, such as the restaurant "The walnut" wall building in historicize form a sculpture of St. George, is struggling with dragon and many others.

    The restructuring included the demolition of the historic quarter uninhabitable buildings and erection of new buildings with Berlin's historic facades. During World War II quarter was completely destroyed. Construction work on the restoration completed in 1987. New home Nikolai district represented as a historical building facades and new panel buildings decorated gables, cast decorations and ornaments. Today, the historic quarter is in excellent condition and looks identical to the type of World War II.
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