Leningrad Prospekt in Moscow

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Leningrad ave., Moscow 
    Leningrad Prospekt in Moscow - Moscow's major highways, is located in the northern district of the capital. This is a straight road that leads to the airport "Sheremetyevo".

    At the site of the current prospectus once an ancient road that leads to the Tver and Novgorod. Now it is a huge prospect, which is a lot of beautiful buildings.

    This factory kitchen, house Konshina house Burov, the former building of the Moscow airport, All Saints Church, Trinity Temple, apartment house Kalinichenko hotel "Soviet", "Dynamo" stadium, the Petrovsky Palace and others.
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Monument-bust Tsiolkovsky at the palace alley
Monument-bust Zhukovsky
Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin in Petrovsky Park
Petrovsky Palace in Moscow
Petrovsky Park
Shopping center "Gallery Airport"
The metro station "Airport"
Street Academic Ilyushin Perhurovo
Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University
Metro station "Dinamo"
Skyscraper "Triumph Palace" in Moscow
Aviators Park
Monument-bust aircraft designer Yakovlev
Ambulatory pond Krasnye Orly
Church of St. Mitrophan Voronezh Perhurovo
Ambulatory lane Krasnye Orly
First Outpatient travel Krasnye Orly
Cross Gate with sculptures "Dioscuri taming horses"
Park "Birch Grove"
Memorial-park complex heroes of World War I
The metro station "Sokol"
Second Ambulatory travel Krasnye Orly
All Saints Church in All Saints
The hotel "Soviet"

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