Small rose garden park "Sokolniki"

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  • Russia, Moscow Sokolniki Park 
    Small rose garden park "Sokolniki" is in a city park recreation "Sokolniki" in Moscow and was established in the period from 1953 to 1957 and is located in the south-eastern sector of the park, between the fifth and sixth ray prasekamі have large circle. The main practical purpose Small rosary zone quiet holiday.

    Before the fire, which occurred in the late 90s of last century, the center of landscape composition Small rosary was a library. Around her building area of ​​the park was divided pragulachnymі intersecting paths on the modules and they planted garden roses, rose, hydrangea, Magonov.
    In 2003, the park administration has decided to restore the Small rozariya.Proekt recovery provides for the organization of a closed plant amphitheater, creating a continuous garden tsveteniya.Otkritie reconstructed object was timed to Day of the city. Today small rose garden park "Sokolniki" can be safely called "Little Versailles".
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