Mariinsky Palace

    palace / manor 1750-55 biennium.

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
    Mykhaila Hrushevskoho street,
  • Str. Hrushevskoho 5-a 
  • +380(44)278-13-47
    Mariinsky Palace - one of the most beautiful palaces in Ukraine. The imposing building in baroque style was built in 1750-55 years by architect. Rastrelli for Empress Elizabeth, who personally chose the place for it. At high visit to Kiev stayed here members of the royal family, in Vol. h. Catherine II, who visited Kiev in 1787 In the XVIII-XIX centuries. the palace served as the residence of the governors-general of Kiev province. Now Mariinsky Palace is the ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine, where the methods to Summit. Preserved richly decorated interiors in the classical style with elements of Baroque and Renaissance, antique furniture, chandeliers, paintings by famous artists, painting wall. First, the main facade facing the urban (Imperial) garden laid in 1748 by order of Empress Elizabeth. On the opposite side of the palace (the current front) - defeated the Mariinsky Park, named after Empress Maria Alexandrovna. In the park was built scandalous high-rise building, which has become the highest (above sea level) residential house in Kiev. Excursions in the Mariinsky Palace Museum organizes the history of Kiev.
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