The memorial complex "Eternal Flame" in Mytishchi

  • Mytishchi, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow Region., Mytishchi, ul. World. 
    The memorial complex "Eternal Flame" monument and "fellow-mitischintsam the glory of their military and labor feats" were opened May 9, 1995 - the 50th anniversary of the victory celebration. The complex of Fame, designed by architects IA Katkov, EA Uzhakina, AA Mardanyan and RA Platonov, is located at the beginning of streets in the world.

    All funds for the construction of the memorial were collected by local residents. May 9, 2005 at the monument installed Honor Heroes plaque with the names of fellow countrymen, which was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

    "Eternal Flame" is lit in the five-pointed star, located at the foot of the stele, symbolizing a bayonet and sword. Around the monument is a metal wreath with landscaped flower bed in the middle.
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