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  • Michurinsk garden is located on the outskirts of the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. It has existed since 1954. In the garden grow apples, pears, cherries and lilacs.

    In the center of this garden in 1954 a monument IV Michurina talented selektsyyaneru and biology, the creator of many new varieties of fruit crops, in whose honor and was named a garden in memory of his merits. The monument - sculptor D. Zhilov and architect V.Artamonov.

    Eastern part of the garden occupies an exhibition of landscape design, which is held here annually every summer. The exhibition under the open sky, you can see the elements of landscape design, collection camp, perennials, landscape gardening and roses much more.
    A special place in her occupy large animal figures (monkey, bear, eagle and others.) Are made of dried grass.

    But there is another Michurinsk garden, which is located near the academic building of the Russian Institute of Agricultural KA Timiryazeva at - Upper Alley is. 5A, the metro station "Tepliy." This garden is open since 1939 and belongs to the Laboratory of Horticulture Russian Agrarian Institute (formerly the Agricultural Academy Timiryazev). Here students during practical training study that grow fruit crops in order to improve hardiness and yield. In this nursery can buy seedlings of fruit trees of rare varieties. You can also receive training in grafting and pruning fruit crops.
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