St. Michael's Cathedral

    religious building, 1108-13 years.

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
    Trokhsviatytelska street, 6
  • Str. Three Saints, 6 
    St. Michael's Cathedral was built in the XII century. Prince Svyatopolk (Michael) Izyaslavich in place Demetrius Monastery. Dedicated to the Archangel Michael, who is considered the protector and patron of Kiev. In 1240 the cathedral was destroyed by Tartars, but soon again became a cathedral church of the same name of the monastery. Rebuilt several times (most of the reconstruction carried out in 1710). Almost completely destroyed during the Soviet era in the 1934-37 biennium to clear space for the government quarter. In 1999 of St. Michael's Cathedral was rebuilt, and in 2001-04 the cathedral was returned frescoes, which were kept in the Hermitage. At St. Michael's Square in front of the cathedral is a monument to Princess Olga surrounded by figures of the Apostle Andrew and Ss. Cyril and Methodius (1911-1996 biennium). Behind the cathedral is a park "Vladimir hill" from the top station of the cable car and the famous St. Vladimir Baptist.
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St. Michael's Cathedral Trokhsviatytelska street, 6
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