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  • Talezh, Russia
  • Cosmonauts Alley, Moscow, Russia 
  • One of the most exciting and interesting places in Moscow is Cosmonauts Alley - pedestrian street, dedicated to the founders of Soviet rocketry and outstanding astronaut. She placed the busts Tereshkova, Gagarin and Komarov, a monument Tsyyalkoўskamu, monument "Conquerors of Space" and the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. The main attraction of the street is a bronze layout of the solar system with a rotating planet, which was set to the Day of the city near the metro station "Exhibition Center". It in schematic form, the entire solar system, however, without complying with the proportions in the size of the planets and the distances between them.

    On planets often like to sit children and adults, they believe for a time, the Earth revolves around the Sun and around its axis. Also, on a clear day, tourists often try to time located in the center of the layout sundial. Interesting that the fact that the authors of the monument in the solar system, Pluto has been included, despite the fact that the International Astronomical Union stripped him of his title of the world August 24, 2006, two years before the opening of the monument.
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