Monastery Man

  • Central District, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong, Hollywood Rd, 126 
  • Man monastery located in Hong Kong and is considered one of the famous attractions of China. The temple was built in 1848 and celebrates the two Taoist gods: Maybe Mans, war and literature sootvetstvenno.Soglasno Chinese tradition both god depicted on the main altar of the temple, with Moe holds a sword, and Man - brush, this is done in order to show the unity of power and education.

    The temple itself is relatively small, are located inside the premises for prayer and the main hall, where the lamp is constantly burning incense, the smoke of which are beyond the premises. This is done in order to, as believe the locals eat their smoke deceased relatives. Also, any visitor to the temple can change gonkonskie dollars to special funds for the underworld and using the stove to send them to the afterlife.

    Every tourist who has ever visited the Taoist monastery of the gods, will remain under the influence of Chinese traditions. For example, near the temple are the harbingers of the future, have a whole arsenal of methods of divination, which, according to the reviews come true. Also Tourist prepared a special ritual - the lighting of the three aromatic sticks that symbolize the past, present and future.
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