Monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Directions: Metro ENEA, the northern entrance to the Exhibition Centre. 
    The sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" was created for the first time openly to display in 1937 at the World Exhibition in Paris.

    This standard of monumental art of the Soviet period became truly legendary. So vivid way Worker and Collective Farm architect Boris lofan, who became the founder of the compositional ideas, wanted to show the real masters of the earth Russian. And he did it - graphics sculpture became the emblem of the Union, and later the Russian film industry "Mosfilm".

    The author of the sculpture was Vera Mukhina. The monument is made of stainless steel hromanіkelevay. The height of the "Worker and Collective Farm" reaches 25 meters, and the total weight is 185 tons.

    The first restoration of the monument was held in 1979. And in 2003, the Russian government decided to completely renovate sculpture. In 2009, the restoration was completed, it was spent 1 billion rubles.
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