Mordovia State National Drama Theatre

  • Durasovo, Russia
  • Russia, 430000, Saransk, ul. Soviet, 27 
  • +7 (8342) 47-33-62 
    Some of the most popular theaters in Saransk, Mordovia State enters National Drama Theatre.

    The theater was opened in 1989 in an old basement, and the auditorium was designed only for 35 people. First acting troupe consisted of artists, graduates Theater School. MS Shepkin. But since 2007, the theater gets a new, large building. Theater building itself is a jewel of the city and property. His decoration of lilac and dark red brick, glass and mirror ornament Mordvinian not leave indifferent even the ordinary passers-by.

    The main part of the repertoire consists of Mordovia plays playwrights (KG Abramov, AI Pudino), but there are other productions of Russian and world classics. Great success enjoyed performances for children. Such rating performances as "Tyushnya" and "Last attempt to "do not stop to collect a full house of spectators.

    Today, the theater annually tours the cities of Mordovia, as well as adjacent areas. The theater is constantly involved in all festivals held.
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